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This storyline simply doesn't fit Lucas' character. Sami has always been more Kate-like than Lucas. Lucas has always been the understanding friend to Will, thoughout their relationship. This Will/Lucas relationship that exist now if full on bullshit. And for what reason did they destory this close family unit? Because they could.

This may make sense in the abstract, but it does not fit the character. Lucas as Kate doesn't work. Its just a total switch to who the character is. I think they just want to give Will a reason to be a shithead to his father. Its stupid and a destruction of character. And this veteran character deserves better than that.

This is why I hate teen coming out stories. It always feel like the writer has some daddy issues and want to put the father in the worse light possible. These stories are always unfair to the parents, painting one or the other as cartoon, one layer villains. And that wouldn't be so bad of a problem if it didn't happen every teen coming out story and if it didn't always involve ruining a well-established character.
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