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Nov 1 2012, 01:30 PM
Nov 1 2012, 01:24 PM
I think they just want to give Will a reason to be a shithead to his father. Its stupid and a destruction of character.
Judging from this week's scenes, it seems that Lucas is the one being a shithead to his adult son. Lucas deserves anything Will brings down on him given Lucas' actions and words in his three appearances this week.
Right, so that Will can in turn be a shithead or in some way resent his father, so that Lucas can be the troglodyte. When the two have been historically close. It's disappointing. Lucas would do anything for his son. And I feel like that bond, while it needs to be tested in order to grow and develop, since Will is a man now, and Lucas is no longer father to a five-year old, it doesn't deserve evisceration.

Lucas being uncomfortable by seeing Will's homosexuality "in practice" doesn't totally surprise or bother me. It kinda gels with me - I can see him being ok with Will as gay in the abstract, but not entirely when concretized. And that is fine - he is allowed a fair share of adjustment. But to go down the road it seems the writers want to take Lucas down, it's just not right. And I really believe that Lucas, seeing how his mother has "lost" all or most of her kids at some point b/c of her attitude towards their love lives, just wouldn't go down the over-opinionated, get-in-the-way route. Or not very far down it. He would stop himself, in other words. This would ring SO MUCH truer to character imo.

I will pretty much always side with Lucas over Will. I just really want this story to take some other turn fairly quickly.
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