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This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article about John and Kristen.

The article begins by saying that Kristen starts going to meetings at the church, so she can demonstrate to everyone in Salem that she has changed and that she's who she was before her evil turn began.

The problem is that John is at the church meeting too. He thinks it may be a coincidence that he keeps running into Kristen, but Marlena knows better. Drake Hogestyn says that Marlena is thinking, "'You fool. It is not a coincidence. I know how this works. I'm a woman.'"

Hope comes to visit J&M and asks them to winterize the Horton cabin as a favor because Bo's not around. John is busy at work, but Marlena convinces him that the two of them should go there since they need to get away. John says ok, but then Marlena gets called away on a crisis with a patient, and John has to go alone. He gets there, and Kristen is in the cabin waiting for him.

John thinks Marlena's suspicions are correct, but Kristen tells him she came there just to reconnect with a positive time in her life. She ends up missing the ferry back, and they discuss how things used to be. Hogestyn shares that John is on guard, but he is affected by all of the events in their past that Kristen discusses.

John and Kristen have to spend the night there. John tells Kristen he knows she wants him, but Hogestyn explains Kristen thinks of him as a "self-absorbed idiot" and tells him again she's changed. But has she? John goes to look for blankets and when he returns, Kristen is sleeping and he covers her up, while back in Salem, Marlena is telling Hope that she's worried about what Kristen will do to her marriage...

Pick up the latest Digest for details, including a look back at John and Kristen's story!
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