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Nov 1 2012, 01:58 PM
Nov 1 2012, 11:24 AM
That is fine, as it is human and honest (many of the qualities I like about Lucas). But if this continues for very long, and Lucas is painted as the only unenlightened one amongst a sea of open-minded modernists, <snip>
I can see your concerns, but at least so far, Lucas is really the most 'reasonable" objector of the bunch. His reactions make a lot more sense than Nick's or Tad's.
I agree. In fact, when I was reading his dialogue for tomorrow's show, I had flashbacks to Roman and Bo lecturing Kayla about Steve and his past. Or Steve lecturing Adrienne about Justin. Sure, Lucas's issues probably do have something to do with his coming to terms with Will's homesexuality. But, by the same token, the concerns he expresses are pretty universal when it comes to parents and their children's relationships. I seem to recall Caroline chewing Kayla out for spending the night with Steve (albeit a mostly platonic night) and Kayla reacting much the same way Will just did.
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