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Nov 1 2012, 11:32 AM
Manny, I SO AGREE about Jeff/Carter.

How fucking stupid! Talk about giving away any possible chance to have a majority. I really hope it bites them in the ass and Penner wins Immunity next week. There is no way Pete/Abi/Artis would be stupid enough to take out another Tandang next week.
The only good thing for Jeff and Carter is that Tandang is so fucking broken up. I mean, it's Abi/Pete/Artis and then you have Skupin and Lisa (she loves him, we know that).. plus, Malcolm could go either way, whichever he thinks is the best for him.

So I can see them targeting Pete if Penner wins immunity.

And I sooo agree!! One World and Philippines are such great seasons, compared to anything after HvV! I did like Nicaragua somewhat in the beginning, but after Jill, Brenda and Marty ware gone, I kinda lost interest.
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