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Even though I think it's a bit of a tone switch from earlier, I agree. Lucas was promiscuous as a teen, and that resulted in Will's existence. It's not a stretch to believe that he would worry about Will and not want Will to make the same mistakes, and his conflicted feelings about Will's sexuality would only amplify this. Even when he accepted Will's coming out, Lucas expressed worry about Will's life being harder and more complicated because of his sexuality, which was honest and fair.

I still find it peculiar that he's changed so radically on Sonny, since Sonny has done nothing wrong and has sincere feelings for Will. But I can buy that seeing his son act on being gay is probably harder than accepting it as a concept.

I still find Nick's objections to be an out-of-character plot point, and Tad's reaction was just cartoonish, though I'm glad he's come around.

In any case, I think BD can pull this off if the writers aren't bent on making him the bad guy.
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