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I find Nick's reaction interesting. I agree that it doesn't fit the character as we knew him and the vague, flimsy "I pay more attention to right and wrong now" isn't enough to explain that difference. But, I find it intriguing that the show has apparently decided to try and show somebody who doesn't agree with the "gay lifestyle" but also claims not to hate/dislike/condemn Will or Sonny.

I have always a hard time with this position in theory, but at the same time have seen several people actually seem to pull it off. They love the people in their life that are gay, but at the same time feel very strongly about gay marriage and other issues that, to me, seem discriminatory and often hateful. I've never really understood how they can reconcile those two things but somehow they do. So, what Nick said seems very realistic to me. Yet, at the same time, it also rings so false in some ways.

I guess the complexity/confusion on the issue makes me give the show a little credit for finding someone to portray that view. And having it be a young, generally good, guy increases that complexity. It would be too easy to dismiss it if it were Caroline or somebody else who was older and/or overtly religious. In any case, I am interested to see where they go with this down the road.
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