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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Oct 31 2012, 07:33 PM
I wish she'd let Jack go off on his book tour now instead of guilting him into staying in Salem. At least he'd be alive and well and not having his memory disrespected. Maybe even living a new exciting life with someone who appreciated him. I wish he could see her now..though he'd probably refuse to see what most of us see. I hate that Jack died probably thinking of her yet she hasn't bothered sparing him a second thought - except to excuse her disgusting behaviour.
You know this is a good point. Maybe Jennifer will start feeling guilty about that sometime soon.
She can go around telling everyone that Daniel saved her life, but she can twist it up and say, he made her go back to back to Jack , because he didn't tell me that he still love me and if he did, then maybe the father of my children would still be alive.

It would be a hard SL to create, but probably up TomSell's alley of writing disbelieving shit.

You know how much I hate the use of "he was/is the father of my children" :blah:
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