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Kiriakis mansion - Part 2: Jen - Nicole was going to make me pay for her losing her baby. Maggie - Even though you weren't to blame. Jen - I think it was just hard for her to face the truth that it was her fault.
What was Nicole's fault - that she lost her baby?
Because the right thing to do when a woman loses her baby is to blame her for the baby's death. Jennifer Horton disgusts me.
:blink: OKay so they have me at the point where the only truly interesting thing is to read others posts because even the Day's ahead reading is pukeworthy.

Nicole yet again butchered for the sake of Dannifer - Now Jennifer is saying it's Nicole fault she lost her baby, what a bitch. Sorry but Bitchifer will never again be a watchable character for me. :x
I absolutely loathe Jennifer.They are making me loathe Daniel as well.He breaks his hypocratic oath by having sex with a very pregnant Nicole and leads her on saying they need to explore what is between them while now saying he has never stopped loving Jennifer.Everytime I think I have reached my capacity for hatred of these two,
the characters say and/or do something that makes me hate them more.At this point I have to clench my teeth to get through any scenes involving either of them.
Hopefully once they are united,they will be regalated to Maggie/Victor status,i.e. we see them only once a month.
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