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Oct 30 2012, 04:47 PM
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Oct 30 2012, 03:17 PM
At last, EJ admits he is obsessed with Sami! This episode sounds alright, except Kabe (which has been rare these days) is so skimpy, as someone said above, and Sami is still such a dumbass. Dannifer sounds sweet, but this whole saga is overdone...like..yesterday.
Sweet? As in have some candy little girl (sorry just had to use a Jack quote there;)). I didn't find it the least bit sweet. They really need to stop trying to sell Dannifer as some self sacrificing tortured soulmates kept apart by evil schemes and fate. If they want to be together so badly just do it and put us out of the misery of having to watch and read about their "heartbreaking angst"
That whole leaning on the door as if they are tortured star-crossed lovers is so funny. There is nothing stopping them getting together (except common decency and that's not going to be a hurdle for these two). Come on Jen and Dan, Jack's out of the way, just jump each other's bones - you know you want to. :moon: "Sweet" - not quite the word I'd use to describe these two.
If "common decency" had ever been an obstacle for Dannifer, the stupid dating scenario last fall would never have taken place. Once it was known what had really happened to Jack, Daniel would have backed off and/or Jennifer would have dropped everything to help her PTSD-stricken husband.

The only thing keeping these nitwits apart now is his ego-driven reluctance (so what else is new?) to compete with a dead man's memory and her ongoing concern with how she appears to the rest of the town. Because based on how fast Dr. Douche dumped Nicole once he knew Jennifer was widowed, and how quickly Jen-Jen began obsessing over Daniel's love life once Jack's ashes were spread, it's clear nothing else is standing in their way.

Fine. Whatever. Their "great love" will last about as long as it takes for Daniel to get an eyeful of Chloe's assets--and then he'll be "torn" between them. Let the games begin. The duo that triumphs will be the one GT has the bigger hard-on for.
I hope Chloe is the "winner".I don't think I can watch Daniel and Jennifer without gagging.
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