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I want drama, deception, upheaval, disappointment, conflict, emotion, anger, recovery, and ultimately redemption from my soap of nearly 30 years.

I don't understand why a baby means those things don't happen.

For example- we could get a custody battle. A really juicy one too, between Nicole and EJ; one that could help us process some of their sins instead of ignoring them. I haven't seen one of those on Days in awhile, so it'd be a bit fresh. Side benefit: it could serve as a history lesson for new viewers.

Nicole wouldn't have to be happy, either. A moment of happiness for her just raises the stakes in the future, and gives her schemes an added dimension because she'd be scheming for two. Side benefit: viewers would learn that there is payoff, that their favorites would have at least a second of happiness before the torture resumes. I don't think Days does enough of that.

And the thing is...I don't believe this dead baby is giving good drama. It's cheap easy drama, probably leading to the cheaper easier drama of having the Dimera's magical medicine make the baby wind up alive and well.

So the whole baby = boring, dead baby = drama dilemma...it feels like a false choice to me.
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