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Nov 1 2012, 07:02 PM
I hate that Nicole lost another baby, but I've always been a fan of this kind of storytelling. It resembles what Irna Phillips used to do back in the day. A woman would do terrible things, become pregnant, and lose the baby. Sort of as karma. Nicole losing the baby was karma for the lies she told, one after another. I think it builds the character and makes her stronger. That is if Tomlin/Whitesell decide to keep up with this, which is now part of the character, rather than do what we're used to and forget about it and move onto the next plot.
Reilly did it too, and I seem to remember him also sterilizing them (so they'd lose the kid and any possibility for a kid in the future).

Usually though don't the punished women build up a long list of actual crimes? Nicole's lies before the baby died don't seem that much different from what Sami did. I think that's the problem with so many baby storylines so close together. It's hard not to compare things.

But if I take it as one of these kinds of stories, what's Nicole being punished for?

Also, in these stories isn't the punishment by way of a lost child typically connected to the actions of the mother? Like their plotting backfires and puts them in a situation where the child is lost, so it's not so...random?
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