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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

IA, the SL is lame and TPTB just rush, rush, rush.

Kristen waltzes into town and obviously still has the hots for John.
Suddenly these church board members are alone cuddling in a cabin.
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

No matter how much I love these character, J&M and Kristen, etc... the SL writing is a kindergarten cut & paste approach to what good old fashion soap story telling was all about. Contrived and unbelievable.

John is dumber than dumb to trust Kristen..... and look at him now... after being back burned for the last couple of months, we ger zero J&M romance and John is sudden all in Kristen's orbit with a panicked, shrink seeing wife.

I am going to need a neckbrace soon for all the whiplash & instra & WFT crap TPTB are dishing out. !!!
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