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i enjoy most of the story writing with the will/sonny storyline. it seems since the new writers came in they were not sure where to go with them. finally it is starting to move again and also they seem to be trying to cover every angle. people who don't like this story as to come to a relization as i did that we all have gay/bi freinds, family, co-workers etc. how many of us have gay friends who are in the closet. if they told you they were gay would you drop them as a friend. this storyline opened my eyes and mind. live and let live. i want the writers to do justice to them the actors are doing a good job. i don't want alot of bedroom scenes but i know there as to be some. i want a good story for them and will and gabi baby line isn't were it should go. there are other issues that need to be taken into consideration for there story. once they are established as a gay couple and they make out a few times its time to give them a good storyline just as a straight couple would have. i still would like a change in writer instead of these recycled losers who call themselves writer. the only story thats is new and different is will/sonny. even kris/marl/john don't interest me watch out for old recycled scripts. put sami and e j together. put nicole and eric together. get rid of rafe theres more life and emotion in a potato and get rid of dr can't act jonas. hes there for his looks and no other reason. jennifer makes me puke. send her the doctor and her daughter oh her friend gabi as well to china and i hope its on a slow boat .... well lets see who else should go .... stefano i am tired of him enough is enough its the same room same lines over and over. bring back some of the past characters, mimi..shawn.. just to suggest a few................. sorry i am just going on and on but these writer just don'r seem to have any direction for the different character . the bottom of the ratings pile prove i am right ... i think ????? :drunk: there ya go it might help me watch this show more :headbang:
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