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I guess I'm in the massive minority, but I really don't dislike the storyline at all. And I'm not bored by it at all. I've liked every second of it so far. I don't mind John being an idiot because like some have pointed out, John is and always has been somewhat gullible. I like how they don't have Kristen doing anything over the top, but you can assume that she is being underhanded and this is starting to make Marlena (possibly the only smart person) look batshit crazy.

My only problem is that they are spreading Kristen thin by having her all over the map right now. Eileen Davidson is getting tons of airtime, but I would prefer they move the Marlena/John/Kristen part of it a little faster instead of worrying about Kristen/Brady, Kristen/Sami, and Kristen/EJ. I didn't mind her getting scenes with EJ and Chad to establish that they are indeed family and that Stefano sent her to save the family, but that's pretty much where it should stay. I actually LOVE the Kristen/EJ scenes, but I can't with the Kristen/Sami scenes. Its just too much too soon.

Like I said, in the minority, but I'm liking this storyline. I don't need this instant gratification and rapid storytelling that people request every time a new story starts, but I do wish Tomlin would focus on something and move it along. He is seeming like MarDar with his being all over the place right now.
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