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Viewing Single Post From: Bryan Dattillo on Days 'Gay' Story

Nov 1 2012, 05:45 PM
Nov 1 2012, 05:11 PM
I wouldn't be so worked up about this storyline if someone besides Tomlin was writing it. He has such a strong bias against Lucas and I don't trust him to build the character back up again. The storyline seems designed with the sole intention of making Lucas look as bad as possible and to destoy his previously close relationship with his son.

And it doesn't fit the character, as others have eloquently expressed. It does fit Sami, though. In fact, most of the words coming out of Lucas' mouth this week would make much more sense if SAMI was saying them. Much more sense. I would actually rather watch Sami play the villian for Wilson than jump back and forth between her endless parade of men.
Sami was made to play Kate to Will. Talk about poetic justice. Having Lucas in that role makes no sense. Lucas should be scheming to pull a hostile take over of Basic Black.
I don't know, I think it makes perfect sense. Lucas is Kate's son. She's always meddling in his life so now Lucas is always meddling in Will's life. Sami not paying attention to Will's life makes sense to me since she was never as close to Will as Lucas was. She used him as a pawn mainly as he grew up while Lucas wanted to be a dad and cherished it. So him butting his nose in Will's business while Sami continues to be self absorbed with her own man issues makes perfect sense to me.
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