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Viewing Single Post From: Bryan Dattillo on Days 'Gay' Story

Nov 1 2012, 10:18 PM
Lucas was never the control type with Will. This is a recent development. So how all of a sudden now this makes sense? Because his mom is Kate? If he all of a sudden wanted to become a doctor would that make sense because he's a Horton? Lucas was never like Kate. And he shouldn't be.

I absolutely hate these stories. Joss whedon had the sense not to do this crap with Willow which is why she was such an awesome character. No one had to be ruined to make her gay.
Actually it makes sense because of how close Kate and Lucas always were. I think most would agree that he's her favorite son which explains why she meddles in his life more than she does her other children. I don't think anyone would ever question the depth of Kate's love for Lucas and I would say she would do absolutely anything for him. And everything she does she thinks is for his "happiness", lol. I can't say the same when it comes to Sami and Will. I just do not see their relationship to be as close as Lucas and Will were for most of Will's life. Only now there is tension there but when Lucas was young, he too felt suffocated by his mother, just as I'm sure Will feels now by his dad.

So that is why it makes perfect sense to me that Lucas is now in the "Kate" role when it comes to Will. It's not just because Kate is Lucas's mom but it more has to do with the nature of Lucas & Will's relationship over the years compared to Sami and Will. I see more similarities between Lucas's love and devotion to Will and Kate's exact same love and devotion to Lucas all his life. I do not see that same type of bond between Sami and Will no matter how swimmingly they get along now. Sami was never capable of being the devoted parent to Will that she might have wanted to be. She always depended on Lucas to take on that role. Also, it's hard to say that Lucas was not controlling with Will before now because there was no reason to be. Now that Will is all grown up and has a love life of his own, we are finally able to see how Lucas is handling that aspect of his son's life...just as we saw how Kate handled Lucas's love life from age 18 and up.

I just see the Kate/Lucas and Lucas/Will dynamic to be so similar that I just cannot see Sami in this same overprotective, bordering on obsessive parental role when it comes to Will. She just doesn't have it in her to care that much because history has proven that she never really has.
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