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I can never root for Nick and Gabi because they are not giving me any reason to. I hate it when this show thinks they can just slap two people together and tell me it's love so I have to just accept it. Huh? Nope that's not what endears me in the least. I like to decide if I want two people to get together because their chemistry is off the charts and the story screams that they should fall in love one day because they belong together. I have not seen anything in the month and a half that Nick and Gabi have known each other that tells me that they belong together. There is no substance whatsoever. These two could have had a great friendship building right about now. Why the hell should I give a crap about them when a month and a half after meeting, they are in love already and there was absolutely no journey to show for it. Sure they'll probably pile on a whole lot of angst now that they've had sex and confessed their undying love for each other but still, why am I supposed to care? Couldn't they have at least waited a full 6 months? Isn't that the equivalent to a couple of years these days on soaps anyway? Everything is rushed and there is no rooting value whatsoever. It makes me despise this couple. I'm not a huge Nick fan but I like him and I don't hate Gabi. But Nabi truly sucks.
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