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Abi is ugh. Her smug look when RC got voted out. Bitch, you don't even have an alliance anymore. I can't wait to see her and Pete get voted out. You know pretty boy is gonna be blindsided. I sure hope he is. I don't dislike him but some people you just want to see blinsided. LOL.

I did feel bad for RC but she had a great attitude about it and I'm glad she's on the jury. However, are we getting a F2 this season? I mean, if we went with a final 3, there would be an 8 person jury. I know ties really don't happen and haven't we had an 8 person jury before? I'd much prefer a 9 person jury and a F2. I think we're due for a F2 again. But I'm sure it will be F3. I really don't like that anymore. I see why they did it but it really hasn't fixed what it was supposed to fix. I'm still pissed they screwed Cirie in S16.
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