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Nov 2 2012, 06:19 AM
I wanted so much more for Nicole than mooning after a donkeys behind and then going crazy when the biggest user of women the show has ever seen doesn't love her. I could have understood if she had some sort of crazy lingering attachment for EJ because she did love him and he always seemed to help ruin their marriages because of his attachments for other women. But going all wacky over dr quack is just so beneath the character.
I cant even figure out when or where the hell Nicole ever was close enough to Daniel to fall in love? I must have missed that episode!
The writers are just putting this couples together out of nowhere, Could someone tell me why Nicole or Jenn would want Daniel?

First of all I thought at one time Nicole was head over heels in love with Brady? and then Ej. Then that was back and forth.
And as for Jenn fallin for Daniel,I dont think Jack is cold in the ground yet. Shes not wasting no time, huh?

This whole show is nothing but freakin confusing!
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