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I think Lucas's whole attitude regarding Will and everything right now is in part due to what BD said in last week's SOD article: he's walking around with a huge chip on his shoulder. He has no life. He's still in love with Sami but knows he can't be with her and he hates it. So he's going to set out to make his own son's life miserable because he's bored and needs something to do. Part of it is because he's an overprotective dad but part if it is also because he's lonely and miserable himself. I really think that's what it comes down to. So Lucas needs to start making some decisions here. Either start dating again, no matter how hard that is or tell Sami how he still feels and get it out of his system. I know the latter is probably not going to happen so as long as Lucas keeps his feelings bottled up inside and remains bitter for god knows how long, he's going to become more and more like Kate in Will's life.

I do see this particular storyline shifting though because CM did say that even Lucas comes to accept him and Sonny together after the boys make love and are officially a couple to all of Salem. Gabi's pregnancy storyline is going to be the main focus from then on.
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