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Nov 2 2012, 08:54 AM
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Exactly. Similar to how Lucas hit Chloe in that elevator after the 6 months he spent in jail, lol. Nick is in love with the sex that's all.
And we all know how well Chloe and Lucas as a couple turned out.....
desite lucas and chloe were couple they never wrote them to sell them couple they just put them
together when put someoneelse with phillp and shift sami to nicole and ej
until think what to do with them and later when brought brady and rafe they kept chloe with lucas so brady be in nicole orbit and pair later on sami with rafe and since daniel story shift from chelasa to kate did not seem to work with daniel they deicide to really write daniel and chloe as the rooting couple withot give them time to check the reaction for them they had sex dreams in December by january madinlove

while do want write wise to sell gabi and nick as couple
None of that matters though because even Dan and Chloe crashed and burned too eventually. Nick and Gabi might be all lovey dovey in love now but it's not going to last because this rushed nonsense is not just written for the sole purpose to sell them as the poster couple for being young and in love, they are also rushing them so when Gabi gets pregnant she has another guy she can pass her kid off as his.
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