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Viewing Single Post From: Bryan Dattillo on Days 'Gay' Story

Nov 2 2012, 07:22 AM
I can see Lucas maybe adopting some of Kate's overbearing tendencies to a degree. But as I said, I think he would stop himself before getting too far down that meddling road, knowing first hand what lovely effects Kate's antics had on his life. And it would also be a nice opportunity to remind audiences and die-hard fans such as myself that Kate had somewhat of a significant hand in ruining things for Lumi or making Lumi difficult. And that Lucas wouldn't want to be guilty of the same thing re: his son's life or happiness sounds about right to me. So that is why I am saying I hope this kind of writing doesn't continue for Lucas for too long. Starting this way but then stopping himself given his history makes so much more sense. T'would be nice if the writers saw it the same way. But I highly doubt it.
True she and Evagaline did set Sami and Brandon up to destroy LUMI's first wedding, then she and Nicole exposed Sami as Stan , and who could forget about that picture of her and EJ at the last wedding. Considering Sami saved Lucas's life a few times, that is dirty and unexcusable. Chloe saved her life with a plasma donation, look where that got her.
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