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Helpless Romantic

Nov 2 2012, 09:27 AM
Nov 2 2012, 06:53 AM
Oct 25 2012, 02:08 PM
Lucas purposely interrupts an intimate moment between Sonny and Will this week when he beats down Sonny's door with the excuse that he wants Will to say goodbye to his grandma Caroline. Does this mean Lucas can't handle his son being intimate with another guy?

"It's not that simple," says Dattilo. "Lucas doesn't want to see Will get hurt. He just wants to make sure Sonny doesn't take advantage of Will when he's in a vulnerable state."

Dattilo admits that Lucas was taken aback when he saw Will being affectionate with Sonny a few weeks ago and he's trying to get used to being okay with it. "There's a shift in attitude that he has to make," says Dattilo.

Dattilo goes on to talk about Lucas and Sami's relationship, saying Lucas was hurt when Sami picked EJ over him last summer but he would drop everything in a heartbeat to be with her. Shares the actor, "He loves her."

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I think Lucas needs to find himself a woman and leave his kid alone. Let Will be happy, hes not gonna learn anything if he doesn't face things for himself. Thats why they call it "Falling" in love, you may get hurt and then again you may not.

I love Lucas but I think the litte feller is turning into his mother (Kate)

Maybe Lucas can hit Sami up and knock some off, LOL (Kidding LUMI fans, no offense) :wink:
That is funny, considering Sami hasn't had sex in awhile, I don't see her objecting to Lucas's advances, unless she doesn't want to use him anymore. Poor EJ, Sami may desire him , but the poor guy can't get her into bed.
Maybe if Elvis wasn't such an asshole or maybe if he stopped forcing "love" on Sami he wouldn't have had any trouble. I feel no sympathy for EJ he threw away a woman who loved and accepted him with her whole heart for a woman he is obssessed with. So anything that happens or doesn't at this point is on him. It's the choices he intially made that have the women in his life weary of him. As for Lucas he does need something to do besides being the angst to Wilson and Sami's sounding board. It still seems they casted no new females apart from T's new girlfriend.
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