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Nov 1 2012, 05:07 PM
I love Nick and I can tolerate Gabi. However, I would still like to see Abby tear her a new ass for starting the chain of events that lead to Jack's death. And when Abby's done, Brady is next in line.
Singing to the choir! I have been waiting for build-up, fall-out, and payoffs on this craptastic show for YEARS. No one has any real motivation for anything and there is never any kind of aftermath anymore for ANYTHING. The DAYSaster, while it was a huge let-down (and cost us the fabulous Jack Deveraux) SHOULD have been a jumping off point. I had high hopes when they brought Ian Buchanan on, but like they do with any character worth a damn, they blew it. I know the new writers wanted to do away with a lot of MarDar's stuff, but as shitty as these s/l's were, they could have been a jumping off point. but no *sigh*

Abby just needs a real story period. I don't understand at ALL why Gabi is the female focus in that age group. At first Nick was making her tolerable, but now he's becoming as boring as she is. Such a waste. While I am glad they are actually writing for WilSon, the thought of yet another who's the daddy makes me want to vomit. How about some action, DAYS? How about some event that involves everyone and that does NOT involve another fucking kid???
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