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Nov 2 2012, 10:27 AM
I don't mind Gabi and Nick; I just don't care about them that much. I blame that on Gabi, she is as dull as dirt. Nick is so adorbs. Their relationship is cute but nothing to run home and tune in for. As for the ILY, I think it's way too soon but I buy their ILYs over Bradison's and Ejaylor's because Nabi/Gack/whatever are young. It's puppy love to me. IDK what the previous two couplings were smoking so I pretend they never existed instead. Still, we know the real reason this is happening: WTD s/l. :shame:
Gabi is young and inexperienced so I guess I can see her falling for Nick's ILY line because of that fact. But Nick is way past the "puppy love" stage. He's young but not as young as Gabi. He's been around the block with Chelsea and Billie even before he stalked Melanie. And that was years ago, probably when Gabi was still in middle school, lol. So I absolutely do not buy his feelings at all beyond the fact that he's fresh out of prison and obviously horny. Back in the day when Nick was an awkward young guy head over heels for Chelsea, now that I bought...not this contrived shit.
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