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Nov 2 2012, 08:54 AM
Nov 2 2012, 03:36 AM
I really get a feeling that Days might be doing a rape storyline with Nick - Blake Berris's latest tweets to fans sounds that way anyway. Will the writing for it suck? Most likely, since it's at the hand of Tomlin. But at least Blake is a good actor, if anyone would do a good job with that story, it's him!
If they go with a Nick was raped in prison storyline is this show going to say how horrible it is for a man to be raped by another man, but if a man rapes a woman on this show, she should be dating and parenting kids with him?
Um...I think that's my favorite point ever made on this board. Maybe the internet more generally.

My thing about a possible prison rape is that I don't know what a man getting assaulted has to do with beliefs about homosexuality, unless he was raped by a gay man, maybe. But I'm sure a show like Days will be real clear in dealing with all of the possible complexity...
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