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Nov 2 2012, 12:06 PM
Dan to Jennifer:You dragged Maggie into this again.Jennifer:You wouldn't listen to me so I had to do something.Dan:You know what you should do? You should live your own life and stay the hell out of mine.Dan to Maggie:You too.Just let it go,both of you.
This is the first time I have liked Dan since he and Nicole did the deed on the desk in his office.And as usual when they share scenes ,my dislike for Jennifer increased ten fold especially after her last statement about doing something else after he told her to stay out of his life.Get Jennifer off my screen.Am also starting to dislike Maggie more although she did say even she has seen Daniel as a predatory jerk.
The reason Maggie saw Daniel as a predatory jerk is because he IS a predatory jerk. Just because she (and Jennifer) see him differently doesn't change that fact. Even he is admitting it in a roundabout way -- but the show is telling us that's because he's so self-sacrificing and compassionate. Again, doesn't change the "predatory jerk" part.

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