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Earlier this week, Daytime Royalty had the pleasure of speaking with Gloria Loring, known to many here as Liz Chandler on Days. Gloria is the author of a new book, Coincidence is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous. Through stories about her life, her relationships, her children, her career, and yes, Days of Our Lives, Gloria imparts the viewpoint that there is no such thing as pure coincidence; coincidence is only a convenient term to describe a Higher Power directing us to see a broader view of the universe and what goes on in it.

Gloria emphasized that her book is "ecumenically inclusive" and is not restricted to any particular religious viewpoint. The book took her twelve years to complete, and the final impetus came from the fact that she has friends who are unfortunately going through health challenges. She felt that knowledge of these concepts would help her friends through their difficulties, so she put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) and finished and published the book. She told us that the reception has been excellent and very gratifying to her, and she shared stories of readers who have phoned her and told her how the book has changed their perspectives and their lives. She relates that the book comes from a place of authenticity; "this is something thatís true and real, and one's heart, passion, knowledge and experience all firmly support this viewpoint.Ē

The title quote of the book comes from Albert Einstein, and Gloria spoke to us about the apparent contradiction between Einstein's life work of explaining the universe via logic and math and a quote like this which speaks of spirituality. She says, in fact, there is no contradiction at all. "Einstein said, 'The more I study science, the more I believe in God.'" She continued that we too can look for goodness and logic in our lives and see how "the activity of love in the world manifests itself", which will help us give order to and understand what happens to us.

Gloria related to us small incidents which can help one gain this perspective, such as hearing a loud car horn when one is feeling too tired behind the wheel, or even a more mundane incident like finding the perfect parking space, or a larger story, one which served as the introduction to her book, where a donor suddenly stepped up and funded the Days of Our Lives cookbook that Gloria was writing to benefit diabetes research. When people "say exactly the thing your heart needs to hear", one realizes that coincidence isn't purely luck at all.

We followed the discussion of the book with some questions on about Days. Gloria mentions an incident in her book wherein a fellow actress threw a trash can at her in an angry moment. Of course we wanted to know... who was it? Always the consummate professional, Gloria wouldn't reveal this information. ďI canít say. She was a bit volatile at times, but sheís a cool lady. Every once in a while, though, she went over the top.Ē

We'd heard that Gloria met with the Days writers last year about the possibility of a Liz return. Could she confirm this? "Yes, I met with one of the producers, and we talked about the possibility of Liz coming back. I gave them an idea for a storyline. He checked with the writers and they really liked it, but they havenít done anything with it. They called me to meet, by the way - I didnít call them." She went on to explain that of course there were no hard feelings, in that she realizes that soaps are doing all they can to survive right now, so each return or casting decision bears tremendous weight. We asked her if she currently watches Days, but she said she does not. She also emphasized that even when she was on the show, she hardly watched it as a whole, due to the fact that she was raising her children at the same time.

The book extensively details the story behind "Friends and Lovers", Gloria's hit duet with Carl Anderson. Interestingly, there were lawsuits and licensing issues which came up after the song was released, which led Gloria and some friends to nickname the song "Friends and Lawyers". She told us that people will still get excited when she starts singing it, and that if you have a hit record, "no one can ever take that away from you."

Liz's daughter on the show, Noelle, had diabetes, just as Gloria's son Brennan does in real life. Gloria said she appreciated the opportunity to play out this storyline, since she was interested in promoting diabetes awareness. Additionally, she would receive letters from parents saying they wish they understood the disease better. However, we discussed that Days has not always done social issues perfectly. As an example, Gloria mentioned an incident where the writers were going to do a storyline that touched on AIDS. "They were going to have Liz pick up a guy at a bar, sleep with him, find out he had AIDS, then go home and sleep with Neil because she couldn't fess up... I told them that if they write this storyline for me I will not come to work that day. I didn't want to make light of people dying tragic horrendous deaths and use it for entertainment."

Clearly, Gloria has had and continues to have a multi-faceted career, and we are fortunate that she's shared these glimpses with us! For more information on any of these topics, buy Gloria's book or check out her blog at http://www.glorialoring.com/.

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