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Nov 2 2012, 02:46 PM
It is still none of their business. If you don't like someone, just ignore them. If you see them walking towards you, cross the road and walk on the other side. Jen wants to keep playing victim but she continues seeking out Nicole in the hospital I am sure. Hope may be married to a Brady but I can't say she was extremely close to her nephew to warrant her warning him against Nicole like she has leprosy or is a serial killer. Their penchant for throwing stones at her is making me dislike them immensely. I can take it from Marlena, she's his mom but not from an aunt you probably haven't heard from in almost a decade hence my stance that it's none of their business who Eric decides to catch up with now that he's back in town. And I am sure that's the only thing we are ever going to hear for the next month from literally the whole town.......riveting stuff!
I'm all for them finding better conflicts, but they have valid reasons to dislike her and that's not going to go away just because they're only related by marriage. Whether its their business or not doesn't mater. Eric is free to tell Hope that. If everyone minded their business on this show it's be more boring than it already is. When they mind their business we end up with the same character interactions over and over and over.
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