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First things first: The young adults - Demi eliminated the right person. 'Nuff said. LOL.

The over 25's - WTF!!!!! I was in disbelief David was sent home. Seriously, wow. I really liked Vino in the past but his performance on Wednesday was absolutely disastrous, all of the judges agreed, and yet LA picked him FIRST? WTF?? His ass should've been in the bottom with Jason who was equally, if not even more bad. Very disappointing decision by LA!!

Speaking of LA. I didn't think he could get any more unbearable to watch but he did. He was EMBARRASING on Wednesday w/some of his comments. He came of very childish and bitchy. Why was he invited back? What is there to like about him? Wish Paula was in his place and it could've been Simon & his gals.

The teens - I think I was going to have a heart attack. Britney sent my Diamond White home! WTF?! Again, WTF?? And again, W-T-F??? NO!! Mine, as well as that poor girls mouth dropped straight to the ground when Britney said her name. I felt so bad for her & loved her attitude about it. She's fantastic and will no doubt be a star one day. Arin Ray, on the other hand? I found him to be highly mediocre, deer in headlights-faced, and a terrible dancer. What was going through Britney's head?

The groups - I felt bad for Sister C but was glad 1432 got another chance. Man those girls look good & they all look and sound beautiful together. The girl in the middle :wub: Looking forward to seeing more of them

Glad their group name is going to be changed, though. LOL

I can't deal w/Emblem 3. Overrated toolbags.

Other stuff. Did anyone else LOL during Wednesday's ep when Jason asked Mario if he could "pinch" his ass? OMG, awkward. Mario was like no bitch.

I just love Khloe. I think she'll get better as a host as the weeks pass. She messed up a few times & was awkward but I think it'll get better. She has such an infectious personality.

Surprisingly wasn't that annoyed by Mario. He was pleasant.

Britney needs to give deeper feedback I think. Her comments were so basic & she pretty much had the same comments for everyone almost ("Amazing" "Interesting" "Good" "You surprised me," etc..)

Demi had some good comments and seemed honest for the most part. Simon is always good.

I'm not an eyebrow expert but I was deeply disturbed by Demi's on Thursday for some reason. Not sure why. LOL
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