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Nov 3 2012, 06:44 AM
Loosing her child was a tragedy, yet I remember her stealing a baby to make sure it was raised by it's daddy...so this sudden need to hide a baby from the same daddy was all her sick way of getting even, so whatever shit falls on her now she deserves.
Another reason why this story made no sense. We watched all that Nicole did to give EJ his baby. We also saw that she was the one that talked EJ out of taking Johnny away from Sami when he found out about Grace. Nicole would be the last person to be hiding her child from EJ. They could not even be consistent with the reason why she was doing it. It changed about three times througout the telling of this lousy story.

It was Rafe that started the lie and I bet no one in Salem is going to find out that it was Rafe's idea in the first place, and that Nicole just went along with it. I wish they made the decision for her not to go along wi th it, then they would have been forced to write a different story where the father of the child was more involved, I am sure it would have been better than the one that is playing out on screen now. Then again, it would be the same writers writing it so, I am sure they would find a way to mess it up especially if their objective is always to make Nicole look and act pathetic, and no one should care about her, just insult her. Even Sami Brady the one who was partly responsible for breaking up her marriage, to EJ is allowed to insult her, and get away with it. They have everyone insulting her even down to Maggie. TomSell has already taken a lot away from Nicole. They destroyed her relationship with her sister, killed her mum, have her husband who use to say how much he loved her acting as if he could hardly care less, and taken away the only thing she had left that she dealy loved, and that was her baby, and they really expect us to find somthing to like about this story. It's sick. The Nicole haters who love Daniiel and Jennifer would probably like it who knows.
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