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Nov 3 2012, 09:31 AM
Nov 3 2012, 09:26 AM
Nov 3 2012, 09:10 AM
Nicole is pathetic, I can't stand this side of her.

Where is the drunk, funny and manipulating one?
Nicole does not have to be drunk to be funny. I want strong Nicole back who does not take sh-t from anyone. I want independent Nicole back. I want independent Nicole with her baby back in her arms, not depending on any man. I want the men to chase her. She is a beautiful woman, that is more realistic them chasing her. I want Nicole to learn from her mistakes and don't keep repeating them because it gets tiresome for those of us who watch.

I dont want drunk Nicole, pathetic Nicole, Nicole chasing anyone who is not interested in her, Nicole taking sh-t from anyone especially Sami. She should have given her a smack down for sleeping with her husband. That i would have wanted to see.

We need a woman who can write for women. TomSell are clueless. In fact we need a male writer who knows how to write for the male on the show. They are all wimps, especially EJ who is suppose to be the big bad Dimera. He is another one they write as pathetic. If he makes a threat to kill Rafe, I want to see him actually putting it into action. They have him making threats and doing nothing about, so in the end you can't take him seriously.
I rather see her drunk than to see her on the verge of suicide cause of a guy like Daniel :rolleyes:
We can agree that this whole story she is in is horrible, especially her being suicidal but, even drunk Nicole would get tiresome after a while. If that is all they are writing her as.

She can get drunk occassional just like anybody else on the show, but I want her to have a life and love and adventure, she is much more than just drunk Nicole, and Nicole can be funny without being drunk. I must admit that I loved her scenes with EJ in the early days when they use to meet at the bar. They got on so well. It was great watching them flirt.
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