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Nov 3 2012, 10:24 AM
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Nicole is pathetic, I can't stand this side of her.

Where is the drunk, funny and manipulating one?
Nicole does not have to be drunk to be funny. I want strong Nicole back who does not take sh-t from anyone. I want independent Nicole back. I want independent Nicole with her baby back in her arms, not depending on any man. I want the men to chase her. She is a beautiful woman, that is more realistic them chasing her. I want Nicole to learn from her mistakes and don't keep repeating them because it gets tiresome for those of us who watch.

I dont want drunk Nicole, pathetic Nicole, Nicole chasing anyone who is not interested in her, Nicole taking sh-t from anyone especially Sami. She should have given her a smack down for sleeping with her husband. That i would have wanted to see.

We need a woman who can write for women. TomSell are clueless. In fact we need a male writer who knows how to write for the male on the show. They are all wimps, especially EJ who is suppose to be the big bad Dimera. He is another one they write as pathetic. If he makes a threat to kill Rafe, I want to see him actually putting it into action. They have him making threats and doing nothing about, so in the end you can't take him seriously.
Everything you said was dead on. It makes me mad that Nicole was never allowed to knock the hell out of Sami for sleeping with her husband and then she had the nerve to get mad about Nicole and Rafe. I want the smart, scheming, manipulating Nicole back, not the sad, miserable drunk one who always ends up alone. Nicole should have been allowed to seduce Rafe and then never missed a chance of throwing it in Sami's face. Maybe a real WTD's storyline would have been more interesting than what we got. Rafe wanting Sami back, but also for this child to be his and EJ also wanting the child and Nicole's history making it impossible for them to do a paternity test until the baby was born and the audience also kept in the dark on who the father was. In the meanwhile, Nicole could have gone about her business of preparing for her baby and being a strong single mother. Maybe starting her business with the money she earned from EJ. But Nicole and EJ are the only people on this show they like to constantly show as being needy and pathetic. The whole town hates EJ and the whole towns hates Nicole, so why don't they just allow them to be together causing trouble for Salem?

I SO 100% agree most parts. They are always written as pathetic and needy.. when really they are probably the most beautiful and interesting characters/people in the cast. Still they always write them as losers, when clearly they shouldn't be. They should run people over.. have it their way and succeed. And if they don't succede then they survive that defeat and move on.

I don't think EJ and Nicole makes a good couple. However, if things was different maybe. The problem is that EJ has been written in a way .. and Nicole been written very pathetic around EJ that is hard to over pass that. I did like the time in the beginning of the marriage .. but then came the crap of poor Nicole and Taylor stuff. And EJ obsession with Sami have always been in the way. EJAMI is a great love story .. but it has been to long and to painful... They should have given EJAMI long time ago .. or simply had EJ move on. Instead its like a burden now. EJ .. always loves Sami.. sure.. but she doesn't seem to want him. Then what? I mean... EJ is a great character so why continue this annoyance if we are not to have anything out if it. Its holding him back..

I could say the same thing about Nicole. She need to toughen up.. they need to move on to new stories that is not just about love.

They have basically made Days feel old and boring,.. and that is never a good thing. Repeating old stories, persisting with couples that does not work like SAFE, having same characters interact all the time.. its the doom of the show.

Finally they seem to mix things up. aka scenes between EJ/William, EJ/Abby, . etc but it takes much more to save the show. It does help to give a random scene or two.. they need to create new relationships and new stories.

The current SL that is being played could have been written in a much more interesting and realistic story. Its like they don't dare to break away from the "pre-couples". They missed here big time.
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