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Nov 3 2012, 03:39 PM
Oh and for woman to really want to kill themselves over not being with Daniel...wow that guy must be packing around a 15 inch cock on him...
If that were the case, I can think of another use for that scalpel...

SO now that that thought is firmly in your mind, I just want to say that I do believe that my 35 year relationship with this show seems to be over. I can't hardly even bring myself to read the spoilers any more. I'm mostly scanning the comments to see if anyone is happy with what is happening. I keep thinking, "Oh, when Kristen comes back I will start watching again." Nope, didn't happen. "Ok, when Eric comes back and Nicole finally gets a break, I will start watching again." But I really think I'm done. I have no interest in the show, no love for the characters, and zero faith in anyone involved with this show's ability to tell a halfway compelling story. If I want to be depressed and disgusted and annoyed, I will watch the news.
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