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Nov 3 2012, 09:52 PM
It's funny that so few like Daniel. He's an eligible character...a doctor, for goodness sake. He's not evil.

Yet no one particularly wants him for their favorite female character because he's been written so poorly. He's fickle, and I don't think anyone should believe in any of his words of love, because when the woman he loves is all too human, he'll drop her like a hot potato. (See: Chloe Lane).
I don't like the idea of a doctor consistently getting sexually involved with his female patients. I find that a violation of trust even though it's consentual. I still find it icky. And the fact that even a pregnancy won't stop him, that's just not attractive.

He does a number on all the women he's with and drives them to suicide. That's why I can't believe Chloe is coming back possibly to reveal to him that Parker is his. After the way he threw her away like trash, drove her to utter madness that she became a hooker, and then didn't give 2 craps when she was beaten to a pulp towards the end of her days in Salem, I would think she'd prefer Philip to be the dad even if he isn't. But then again, Dr. FeelGood's magic thing seems to cast a spell on all his women for some reason. And to think that poor Philip is probably going to lose yet another child offscreen and to the likes of Dr. Ding Dong. Talk about being screwed over.

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