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Nov 3 2012, 09:52 PM
It's funny that so few like Daniel. He's an eligible character...a doctor, for goodness sake. He's not evil.

Yet no one particularly wants him for their favorite female character because he's been written so poorly. He's fickle, and I don't think anyone should believe in any of his words of love, because when the woman he loves is all too human, he'll drop her like a hot potato. (See: Chloe Lane).
A character doesn't have to be evil or villainous to be totally unappealing and unlikable--even when TIIC are tying themselves in knots trying to sell that character as the BESTEST THING EVAH. I can't stand Daniel because he's smug, self-righteous, entitled, fickle, self-serving, and as shallow as a sidewalk puddle. I actually liked what Nicole said about him and his modus operandi before she succumbed to the Orange Brain Fungus that afflicts all women who get romantically involved with Dr. Douche: "If it's sick, cure it. If it's not, act superior to it. If it wears a dress, sleep with it." Because that, in a nutshell, is how Daniel operates (no pun intended).

Even if Daniel didn't have the obnoxious qualities listed above, I'd dislike him for the effect he has on the women with whom he gets involved. No matter how smart, feisty, independent, and proactive they were before, they devolve into stupid, self-destructive, dependent, pathetic messes once they're in his orbit. I don't like him as a romantic partner for either Jennifer or Nicole. But I think I hate him more with Jennifer because they have so many of the same character flaws, which are unbearably amplified when they're together. Self Righteousness to the infinite power.
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