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Aug 10 2009, 06:36 PM
LoL, I totally missed this.

The youth today missed out on some fucking AMAZING cartoons. Rocko's Modern Life, Doug, Sailor Moon (it was pretty brilliant)
Sailor Moon's not Nick but you know the creator announced there's going to be a new Sailor Moon series in 2013? She's making so it premieres all over the world at the same time. It's aimed at fans of the original cartoon who are adults now so I'm excited! Sailor Mars was my favorite, with Pluto as a distant second.

But I agree today's youth missed out on some amazing cartoons. My sister and I make fun of our youngest sister because she's watching complete crap on TV, in our opinion. Between Rugrats, Doug, Clarissa, My Brother & Me, Land of the Lost, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Alex Mack, Global Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, Wild & Crazy Kids, All That. Just thinking about it makes me wish I could go back.
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