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Queen B
Nov 3 2012, 05:31 PM
Miss Rhi
Nov 3 2012, 04:49 PM
Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
I'm very, very disappointed in some "Shadam" fans being so cruel to Missy. Shame on you.

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
And for the "Chadam" fans that get personal and cruel about Sharon...cut it out.

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
Both @sharonlcase & @MClaireEgan are my friends, both are talented, and both are pretty damn classy. So be like them folks...#BeClassy

Michael Muhney ‏@michaelmuhney
And if you want to get cruel & personal, just do it to me. I can take it...and I probably deserve it.
Why does he even pay attention to it? I don't understand. JM probably has to deal with the same bullshit from Shick & Phick fan bases so I don't see why it can't just be ignored. The fans aren't going to cut it out, there will fan bases attacking the actors. SC and MCE can handle it i'm sure
Yea I thought he was done making comments related to the show. there's no point paying attention to what he says. Didn't he try to get us all hyped about his character? All I see now is Adam going down the tubes of stupidity.
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