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I liked Nicaragua for the most part as well. Not thrilled by the end-game but the overall game wasn't too bad and the cast wasn't either.

One World also wasn't that bad.

Nicaragua, One World and Phillipines aren't that bad and much better, IMO, than Samoa (which I tuned out for initially for the first time ever) and Redemption Island.

Current Seasons Ranking (Season 17-25):
1. Heroes vs. Villains (S20)
2. Phillippines (S25) - yes, I'm ranking it high but it could go down, though I've really enjoyed the season
3. One World (S24)
4. Nicaragua (S21)
5. Gabon (S17)
6. Tocantins (S18) - I need to re-watch but it's still above 23 and 22
7. South Pacific (S23) (slightly better than S22)
8. Redemption Island (S22) (horrendous editing)
9. Samoa (S19) (though I might rank it higher than Redemption Island)

I also had a hard time grouping S17 and S18. They seem so different than the current seasons and more fit with 9-16 but I have trouble ranking them with the others too.

(Seasons 9-16)
1. Fans vs. Favorites (S16)
2. China (S15)
3. Exile Island (S12)
4. Vanuatu (S9)
5. Guatemala (S11)
6. Palau (S10)
7. Cook Islands (S13)
8. Fiji (S14)

Classic Seasons: (1-8)
1. Pearl Islands (had everything a season needs)
2. Australia (same as PI)
3. Amazon (same as PI & Australia)
4. Marquesas (just a fun change of pace from the first several seasons)
5. Borneo (the original and I felt this was a good spot)
6. Africa (not bad but not spectacular either)
7. All Stars (I wish I could rank this higher but the season was just really ugly, too bad, had amazing potential and still wasn't nearly as bad as the worst current season)
8. Thailand (I like it looking back on it, but it still ranks last, just another ugly season)
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