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Also, have there been any seasons you've gone back and watched and maybe in hindsight wasn't so bad? I wish I had the time to watch more current seasons again without my bias going into them, LOL. I have to admit I was just so disgusted with Rob's fourth attempt at a million dollars that I could have let that cloud my thoughts on the season. Same for the Russell hate. THough I still think S19 and S22 are edited absolutely terrible. S18 was just boring to me and I really didn't care for everyone falling to the side so JT could win. And not to mention all the time spent on the stupid exile island alliance with Brendon/Sierra/etc. that went nowhere. I also didn't like the ugliness around Sierra and thought Debbie and Coach were annoying bullies. Loved Erin, Stephen and Taj <3 I'm still disappointed none of them have returned. Tocantins kind of seems forgotten about except for Tyson (who, looking back on it, IMO, wasn't that major) and Coach. I'd like to forget JT.
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