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Nov 4 2012, 03:30 PM
Nov 1 2012, 03:05 PM
Hmm. I like this idea that we should applaud Dan for still having compassion in the face of everything that almost happened (but didn't) for a woman who actually lost pretty much everything.

It's so delightfully twisted and fucked up that it can't possibly be a serious attempt at creating a heroic character. It has to be a joke. And looking at it that way, it's almost...like the writers are so pissed off at what they can't create (Bo, John) they intentionally design these bizarre caricatures (Rafe, Dan).

It's like Days is this explosion of bitterness, failed dreams. There's something interesting about that.
Nope, they are attempting to create Saint Daniel.
And as he's a DOCTOR, why didn't he KNOW that Nicole's baby was dead? He kept repeating during the daysaster that her baby was ok. So what gives? Admittedly he goes away for a day and the substitute doctor comes in to tell Nicole her baby is dead but this just reeks.

Heaping more shame on top of Nicole's character when its bad enough she LOST THE BABY she wanted so badly and for Saint Daniel to be point man in front of a group of people all staring at Nicole as he charges her that she knew the baby was dead! Why didn't Daniel know the baby was dead? How great a freaking doctor is he that he can't tell what's going on? GMAFB.

I can't stand Daniel and for him to go and be with Jen who just lost Jack is awful. Really really awful. Jen is so needy she's just ready for Daniel? Its been August she lost Jack. Its November. That's the quickest mourning period I've ever seen let alone to fall madly in love with Daniel to boot.
To be fair - and I hate Dan as much as anyone - the baby was alive right up until Nicole's doctor's visit. She told the doctor that the baby had been very active only a few hours before.
But I agree that Dan finger pointing is basically the same as leading a lynch mob. I also think his whole affair with nicole shouldn't be glossed over especially in light of the baby's death. What sort of doctor has sex with a woman in a high risk pregnancy? He is a total hypocrite.
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