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Nov 4 2012, 02:25 PM
Nov 2 2012, 12:19 PM
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Monday Sonny offers his help to Gabi.

Why they waste Sonny on useless character Gabi Hernandez? Sucks!

They gives this shit instead of Sonny's interaction with his parents, Abigail, Victor, Chad. I need some kind of miracle to see Sonny's interaction with these people.
I am not sure Sonny is going to be wasted on Gabi. I think maybe he teams up with Chad vs. Nick/Gabi with Will in the middle or possibly oblivious to Sonny's involvement which could be interesting, especially if we get to see Sonny start showing more flaws. I think the younger characters have potential now. I'm still intrigued by the upcoming baby story and how that will play out. I haven't minded Gabi quite as much but her chemistry with Nick is hit and miss and their relationship way too forced. Plus she still needs to pay for all she has done.
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