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GENERAL HOSPITAL: It's official Helena Cassadine IS returning and has a huge surprise for Luke when she comes back. Helena is a big part of the story connected to Duke. Or is it Duke? While I can not give out details at this time I can say Anders Hove was on the set of GH saying hello to old friends and in town promoting his new series "Sub Species". But it is more? Think "Mission Impossible"......If you are a long time fan of GH then you have realized that Sean Kanan has not skipped a beat. Unfortunately for Monica she may regret the day she helped her son. Is AJ involved with Duke? I will tell you that this is not the old AJ who was spoiled and a drunk. AJ has secrets, lots of them. What I can tell you is to pay attention and follow the money trail. Don't take for granted that all the villains and there are quite a few of them share the same goals. There are some that have memory manipulation and this will be a huge part of the umbrella story, confusing yes, but from what I am being told this storyline will prove a link to GH and tie into the story with spies, memory manipulation experiments and mental patients, the FBI, WSB, DVX, OLTL's rogue and the CIA. Holy Cow Batman!!!! Insiders say when it all comes to a head it will make sense....Lynn Herring coming back to Port Charles is like a heart beat bringing life back. Sabrina and Elizabeth team up to find ways to resurrect the Nurse's Ball and it involves Lucy Coe a very wealthy benefactor. Herring will first air Friday, December 14. Held from 1994-2001, the Nurses' Ball was used as a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS awareness in the fictional city of Port Charles as well in real life. For those viewers who are not familiar with the Nurse's Ball just check out yahoo or Youtube.com for information and clips from those days......The holidays are not far off and once again the Quartermaine's will have a day that will rock their world as well as the viewers......Will it be the end of Sonny? Benard's negotiations appear to be going down to the wire as all negotiations do. I can only say under FV the budget will rule all decisions, so only time will tell.....Coleman on Young and The Restless? Yep Blake Gibbons has gone over to CBS, with no contracts for ether network, Gibbons has the luxgery to cross back and forth.

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