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Sammie Jo
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Nov 3 2012, 01:47 AM
Sammie Jo
Nov 2 2012, 11:18 PM
what's really stupid is they're going back to Ricky's apt in L.A., don't they think someone rented it by now, I mean, even if Ricky was still paying the rent on it, he's been dead for months, landlord isn't going to keep the apt forever.
How did the tape get to L.A. anyway, didn't we see daisy or eden watch the tape in GC?
Daisy saw the video of Ricky killing his girlfriend on his laptop but he deleted it after realizing she saw it. The laptop disappeared after Ricky died and now there's no mention of it. I don't see how a copy of the video could be in LA and certainly not in Ricky's old apt that has new tenants now. I think a deposit box was mentioned also so that's probably where Chris will find the video.
I just hope they wrap this absurd SL up, it was pointless in the first place to have eden lose her memory and the knife disappear and suddenly appear in the sewer with no prints on it.
Just should have had paul save eden, be eat up with remorse for a couple of weeks and been done with it.
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