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Sammie Jo
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Nov 4 2012, 06:11 PM
BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: Am I crazy or is Brad doing the same storyline from years gone by with Thomas as he did when Ridge first came on the scene? Ridge back in the day told dear old Dad that Forrester needed to be bolder and more edgy and NOW so is Thomas. One has to question if Bell is just recycling story after story and has lost his will to write new and interesting stories. It feels like the beginning of the end for Bold.....How about Bill and Brooke? Ooh la la. Seems one actor likes this story and is pushing it from behind the scenes to keep it going. Enter Taylor who becomes very protective and tries to enlighten Katie not to hand over her husband and child to Brooke who coincidentally overhears the conversation. Taylor and Brooke get into it over a baby, but this time it's someone else's that Brooke is interfering with, albeit it unintentionally......Liam finally gets a clue and realizes what his Dad has done and what Liam does will shock many. Sadly being a true Spencer Liam will break someone's heart......Ridge will be back soon and it is so hush hush on set that no one really knows for sure who will play the part. It appears Brad is at his wits end and has started to go over scripts with some other actors. The set has been locked down tighter then a drum if that is possible and employees have been sworn to secrecy and asked personally by Susan F not to leak anything or say anything negative about anyone around her until she's gone. With that said Ridge is indeed coming back soon.

YOUNG & THE RESTLESS: It appears those rumors that Michael Graziadei is set to exit Y&R before the end of the year is truer then some may believe. Apparently Daniel will be shoved to the backburner (no surprise there) until his exit. I have to say since the new regime has taken over we have lost many a character and some we didn't even see coming, at least give them a decent exit. Example: Abby gone, no great story exit, Harmony has a goodbye scene with Neil but nothing with Devon, her own son. Heather and Daniel were hot and heavy and she is gone and she didn't even get a scene with Daniel...... Will Daniel leave and have no scenes with the most important people in his life? And now Genie Francis's last scenes were this past week and what a snooze fest those were. It left the question of who was harassing Cane unanswered. But honestly I could care less who was harassing Cane. I hope they just drop the storyline and pretend it never happened!!.......Could TPTB be writing the start of Billy's exit as well? Poor Billy he has been deep in gambling debts which causes Victoria to get kidnapped or so he believes. But that is not going to be his biggest problem when Victoria does come home it's Daddy dearest who causes all the trouble. The ramification is going to be huge for this couple..........What lengths will Adam go to help Sharon and what will Chelsea do when she finds out?

Poor Billy he has been deep in gambling debts which causes Victoria to get kidnapped or so he believes.

interesting, seeing as how jack paid off billy's gambling debts years ago.
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