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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

But don't forget, Daniel's character had a reboot last January, where he magically disappears to do some soul searching and get over Jen, & returns after a 3 week hiatus and the fans are suppose to love him for the new guy he has become. Stupid, but true. Somehow TPTB don't have time to recreate & redeem characters on canvas anymore, so they backburn them and bring the them out with insta new personalities we are suppose to embrace and love.

As for Jennifer... she never got over grieving losing Daniel in the first place. LOL!!!! I know it's just so damn awful.... but that is how's it's shaking down. I just wonder how long she'll hold out on him? You know for 'sex'... that'll really get the board going. In my mind, I neatly tucked MA's Jack appearance on DAYS, away in my mind, as just a blip on canvas that should have never happened. I couldn't even really enjoy his stint on screen with all the background crap that was happening over the SL, etc.
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