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Fan of EJ+ABBY!

Well, all I know is that EJ + Abby makes me giggle and smiling... :D

Of course when the reality sets in that the writers probably have not even thought about this exciting couple/friendship opportunity .. I get all sad again.

This because I know I will be seeing barf (safe) and perhaps ejami to only be quickly be demolished (like so many times before).

Ejamis bad history is stacking up,.. rejects etc .. its not pretty. Although EJAMI is a sparkle when they have scenes together, Samis rejects is getting old. And I am getting annoyed that Sami never seem to actually care about EJ. Its all EJ showing his love for her. Its fine about taking it slow.. but there is a limit of how slow.. the audience forget and move easily.

And viewers want to be entertained,.. not bored to death.

On another note, I was actually surprised of how many said no to EJABBY on the soap forum. ^o) Obviously they are not seeing the potential.. so I am not very optimistic that we will actually see EJABBY .. but I will hope. ;)

Why is it I always go for the most impossible couplings, first EJAMi and now this?
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