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But they didn't really rehabilitate Daniel, did they? I mean, they had this big fanfare of a goodbye scene with much weeping and wailing from Maggie, Melanie, and Jennifer for Daniel to go off and do some surfing in Australia. (He joked about going on a walkabout -- something everyone only thought Jack was doing while he was being tortured in Afghanistan).

After three weeks, Daniel came back from his surfing trip, but other than to coldly tell Jennifer he had moved on, we didn't really see much change in him. We saw no evidence of deep reflection. We didn't see him broken-hearted. We didn't see him tirelessly saving lives or doing good deeds. Heck, we saw no evidence of shaky hands anymore.

No, what we saw is that he immediately got involved with Nicole's schemes. He broke laws by becoming an accessory after the fact to the DNA test results switch. He broke ethics codes (again) by getting busy with his pregnant patient Nicole on his desk.He cancelled appointments with other patients and re-arranged his schedule to spend time with Nicole. In fact, he was so busy getting it on with Nicole that he didn't even notice his daughter was kidnapped. But then, as soon as he heard Jennifer was available, he dropped Nicole like a used tissue (or he would have if she hadn't become inexplicably obsessed with him.) What kind of character rehabilitation is that? I mean, if they'd decided to deliberately make him a sleazy, corrupt doctor, that would be one thing, but, no, the show is still maintaining that he's a perfect, amazing, self-sacrificing, compassionate, great doctor/person.

The cognitive dissonance it takes to try to deal with this character makes my head hurt. I would just ignore him completely if only they would get him away from Jennifer or anyone else for which I have some vestigial interest left.

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