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Nov 5 2012, 12:18 PM
Nov 5 2012, 06:12 AM
Not really thrilled with Ron's stories overall, I do have to give him props for trying to please the fans by bringing back so many veterans that wouldn't have ever been seen again under Guza and Phelps. HOWEVER, he needs a solid co-writer to reign him in. He's a hot mess. He can return people all he wants but problems still exist, though the show in 100x more enjoyable. Still a ways to go but I do give a ton of credit for his efforts. He might be a mess, but I believe he cares, even though I feel like I should be drinking half the time with his work. The man needs balance though. We go weeks seeing the same story until it's dropped in favor of another. He did the same thing on OLTL.
This is an honest question I'm asking, so don't think I'm being smart. But what exactly do you not like about Carlivati's work? There are several posters that knock his writing down, but never really give any real examples of why his work "sucks." I think he's the only current soap writer that still gets the genre, and it shows in his writing, especially compared to the other four shows and how their head writers write.
I feel I mostly praised him here in this post, LOL. But, no offense taken! It's a good question.

I have knocked him a bit. I give him credit. If I HAD to pick a few things, they're all just personal nitpicks, I suppose. I do think he needs tighter writing. I think he tries to do too much. Balance could be better (though I can't really blame him completely, with budget/episode guarantees/network interference).

Just little things. I feel he's messy. Things are rushed to a conclusion. I think he writes a decent story overall but he needs someone to reign him in. I think he writes things campy when they shouldn't be. The Elizabeth changing paternity thing was out of left field and he doesn't always bother to explain character motivations.

Again, this is the writer in me really nitpicking. If I sat back, ignored all my qualms and took it for what it is, I will say he's a good writer.

A more hardcore GH fan would have to give you better examples.

I also think he relies far too heavily on the villains, though the last week of OLTL where many of them came back, he wrote that very well.

I guess my frustration is that I want him to be perfect because he's capable but he isn't. LOL.

Also I guess it could be applied to all writers. I just think on some level he gets it on another level he doesn't take the time to 'tell' the story, but no soap does anymore I guess.
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